Trump Meme Imagery

A collection of all or most of my Anti-trump imagery.

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  • This much concentrated sadness is claustrophobic.
trumPsycho-trumpito, et al., is/are a National Embarrassment,
National Disgrace, National Vulgarity, National Sham/e
National Laughingstock, National Failure, and more...  


• NOTE: Some of the images are shown without the original text commentary that accompanied them. (on Facebook and/or Twitter) They were posted from late 2015 throughout 2017.
• Interpretation out of context is a wonderful and many-splendored thing. Caveat Emptor.
• Although most of the imagery is "trumPsycho-themed", some is election-themed, and some is additional ancillary content, with a little of this and that apropos for good measure.
• The image filename should, usually does, or may or may not contribute additional edification.