Anti-trump Meme-ish Imagery

A collection of all or most of my Anti-trump imagery.


I do these images partly for catharsis, partly to make points and as political commentary, and partly for the humoristic laughs. Even if others aren't laughing, I am, and that's what's most important. It also probably helps keep me sane-ish in A World Gone Mad.

We need to Make America AMERICA Again!   #MakeAmericaAMERICAagain #MAAA (as it was, more or less, prior to November 8, 2016)

The ONLY way that can possibly occur at this point is to Impeach the Treasonous Traitor trump and remove him from office if he refuses to resign. He should go to jail. (unfortunately, you know Pence will pardon him, once trump is forcefully told that he cannot pardon himself — that is the JOKE that trump, et al., have turned America into)

trump is A Terrorist! An actual coup has been enacted against the United States of America, and trump is the witless semi-unwitting accomplice. (Ignorance is NO excuse)

trump is mentally ill, psychologically unstable, and seems to be exhibiting some form of dementia. trump is a pathological liar and is 'suffering' from Malignant Narcissistic Personality Toxicity Disorder, at BEST. And, like all sociopaths, he is inflicting all of it on others, in this case, America herself, and our citizens.
(including those who are too ignorant and self-destructive to realize, understand, and see what is going on, a.k.a. his supporters, most of whom deserve all the bad things life has to offer for their ILLk [sicK])

trump is an ignorant, con man KLOWN who SHITS on America, Americans, the U.S. Constitution, and all Good and Decent things that America used to stand for, on a DAILY basis.

My most fervent HOPE and desire are that donald trump is legally and lawfully EXECUTED for Treason. (I am anti-Death Penalty except in this ONE instance)

He and all of the other UnPatriotic UnAmerican DREGS of UnSociety who support him and have turned America into UNamerica.

Now ask me what I really think.
#MakeAmericaAMERICAagain #MAAA

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Most of the images are humorous, and some are "humorous". Some are #NSFW. Some have messages. Some are philosophical. Some are vicious. Some are "edgy". Some push various "limits". Sprinkled throughout you will find giggles, lols, humor, satire, parody, and some performance art. Ratings cover the gamut, from G to PG-13, to R. Generally, probably 15+ year-olds, depending on the young person, and the parent. (the imagery is below)

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If you want to see the original Too Old page, click here. It's a wonder to behold. And for whatever reasons it never gained recognition or popularity is part of what's wrong with the world, especially the United States. I told you so. And now 'we' have "pr*zident" donald trump. (you're welcome, world)


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••• An Editorial for the Ages

I find it hysterically hilarious when I "meet" a ONCE-GOP Republican/Conservative SUBporter of Depressident trumPsycho (aka trumpito), and I point out that they are an ignorant, organically stupid, self-based, generally unkind & uncaring, lacking in compassion and empathy, low-intellect, low-class, low-rent, low-life, indecent, uncouth, disgraceful, disgusting, shameful, deplorable, worthless, toxic, scumbaggy, petty sub-human being, and they think they are not.

It is VERY sad, because they are Oh, SO wrong.

'Archived' on my Diamantine Clarity b'jou | An Editorial for the Ages

••• Citizen Soldier

(this is inspired by, and partly borrowed from, a speech from the TV show "Colony", with a little of this and that borrowed from here and there, for good measure, wrapped in inevitability)

We, the People, are under attack. As is our beloved country, the United States of America.

But our enemy didn't come from overseas (or from the South). And they are not Muslims. Our enemy was already here. Most of them are self-proclaimed so-called "Christians". They are not foreign enemies, they are domestic enemies. Not only have they shown their true colors, but they fly them shamelessly.

'Archived' on my Diamantine Clarity b'jou | Citizen Soldier


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"My Perfectly Wonderful Zombie Christmas" excerpt:   PERMALINK

"And then throw the Donald Trump as President debacle and fiasco and his 'popularity' on top of it all, and we were obviously observing the Decline and Fall of the New Roman Empire occurring right before our very eyes. So maybe it was all for the best in some (most) senses. Like General Colin Powell said, "We have lost our sense of shame". Truer words were never spoken or written or verbalized. Perhaps too many of us went insane and nobody noticed. (7 billion human rats racing around – most likely WAY beyond the carrying capacity of the planet – stewing in our collective societal excremental juices, and then wondering why no one is feeling well) And/Or maybe too many sociopaths were allowed to take over too many high-level positions in too many governMental and corporate and other institutional agencies, city, county, state, federal, and private. So long, and thanks for all the fish. (42 of them if I'm not mistaken)

"Repeat after me: It's The End of the World as We Know It... and I Feel Fine. (TEOTWAWKI – tee-oh-twah-kee)"

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• NOTE: Some of the images below are shown without the original text commentary that accompanied them. (on Facebook and/or Twitter) They were posted from late 2015 throughout 2017, and are more or less shown here from older at the top to newer at the bottom.
• Interpretation out of context is a wonderful and many-splendored thing. Caveat Emptor.
• Although most of the imagery is "trumPsycho-themed", some is election-themed, and some is additional ancillary content, with a little of this and that apropos for good measure.
• The image filename should, usually does, or may or may not contribute additional edification.
• Most of the images are displayed at 50% size. Toggle-Click on them to see the full-sized image.

Anti-trump Meme-ish Imagery

(date-listed more or less oldest to newest (50 images per page) – so go to the bottom of the last page for the latest additions – BOTTOM)

First, a video, of which I am quite proud.   PERMALINK

You're A Bad Man! You're A Very Bad Man, donald trump!!

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The Imagery Proper

(date-listed more or less oldest to newest (50 images per page) – so go to the bottom of the last page for the latest additions – BOTTOM)

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  *** 2015 Imagery ***

  PERMALINK –   Geriatric Presidents are the Bane of American Politics   (2015 – tooold.jpg)  

    These people, and others, especially trumPsycho-trumpito, are TOO OLD to be President of the United States  

  PERMALINK –   Elizabeth Warren   (2015 – elizabethwarrentooold.jpg)  

    More's the Pity  

  PERMALINK –   Bernie Sanders   (2015 – berniesanderstooold.jpg)  

    More's the Pity  

  PERMALINK –   Donald Trump is WAY Too Old   (2015 – donaldtrumptooold.jpg)  

    trump is also crazy, insane, demented, scum and filth.  

  PERMALINK –   Trump Chump Spam   (2015 – trump-chump-spam.jpg)  

    One of my first, if not the first, trump parody.
(definition of "odium")  

  PERMALINK –   Calm Your Shit!   (2015 – cysakitfo.png)  

    And Knock It the Fuck OFF!
This is just generally a good idea for most people.  

  PERMALINK –   Rabid Dog   (2015 – rabid.png)  


  PERMALINK –   Huckabee 2016   (2015 – Huckabee2016.jpg)  

    How sadly out of touch with Reality.  

  PERMALINK –   Huckabee Injun   (2015 – HuckabeeInjun.jpg)  

    aka MORON  

  PERMALINK –   Scary Character Mirror   (2015 – character.jpg)  

    Many people would be scared if they saw in the mirror, not their faces... but their character.  

  PERMALINK –   True Self Alert Mirror   (2015 – trueself.jpg)  

    Many people would be scared if they saw in the mirror, not their faces... but their true selves.  

  PERMALINK –   NO Justice   (2015 – justice.jpg)  


  PERMALINK –   Ahhh   (2015 – ahhh.png)  

    How to correctly use bitterness, hatred, & anger.  

  PERMALINK –   Israel Apartheid Flag   (2015 – IsraelApartheidFlag.png)  

    So sad....  

  PERMALINK –   Offended?   (2015 – offensive.jpg)  

    I am offended that you are offended.
(for all the wrong reasons (you, that is))  

  PERMALINK –   trump is A Joke   (2015 – trumpjoke.jpg)  

    Mr. Presidential – I called it right from Day One.  

  PERMALINK –   trump is A Clown   (2015 – trumpclown.jpg)  

    Mr. Presidential – I called it right from Day One.  

  PERMALINK –   trump is UnAmerican SCUM   (2015 – trumpscum.jpg)  

    Mr. Presidential – I called it right from Day One.  

  PERMALINK –   Surprised Owl   (2015 – shutdowntrumpowl.jpg)  

    Shut Down trump!
(little did we know – too many of us, anyway)  

  PERMALINK –   trump is UnAmerican!   (2015 – trumpunamerican.jpg)  

    trump is the New Benedict Arnold.   #MAGA my ass!  

  PERMALINK –   RepCon Zombies   (2015 – repconzoms.jpg)  

    The Zombie Apocalypse has begun!
You know what to do....
("if only" WE were low-life, violent scumbags like RepCons tend to be)  

  PERMALINK –   Full Affrontal   (2015 – trump-affront.jpg)  

    trump is an affront to civilized society.  

  PERMALINK –   SCUMBAG   (2015 – scumbagtrump.jpg)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito is worse than a scumbag.  

  PERMALINK –   trumpler   (2015 – DonaldHitler.jpg)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito is worse than Hitler.  

  PERMALINK –   Illusion   (2015 – powerlessillusion.jpg)  

    You are NOT small, weak, or isolated.
Powerlessness is an Illusion.  

  PERMALINK –   Donny Chump   (2015 – winnering.jpg)  

    ASS-Klown Extraordinaire.  

  PERMALINK –   Donny's Hair #1   (2015 – donnyshair1.jpg)  


  PERMALINK –   Donny's Hair #2   (2015 – donnyshair2.jpg)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito is Unsavory in the extreme.  

  PERMALINK –   Schwein   (2015 – pearlswine.png)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito is a hog-nosed fuck.  

  PERMALINK –   Defund Congress   (2015 – defundcongress.jpg)  


  PERMALINK –   Hoax Memes   (2015 – viralhoaxmemes.jpg)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito's Ignorant Base has Psychotic Irrational Beliefs.  

  PERMALINK –   Negative Influences   (2015 – destroyer.jpg)  

    I must destroy the world.  

  PERMALINK –   trump-Cosby   (2015 – trumpcosby.jpg)  

    Pretty bad when you are worse than Bill Cosby.  

  PERMALINK –   Tricky Dick   (2015 – trickydevil.jpg)  

    The finest trick of the Devil
was to convince humanity that God exists.  

  PERMALINK –   Jesus Wept   (2015 – jesuswept.jpg)  


  PERMALINK –   eVile Neutrality   (2015 – takesides.png)  

    We must always take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.  

  PERMALINK –   TRULY #MAG   (2015 – make-hats.jpg)  

    How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure.  

  PERMALINK –   Lulz FTW   (2015 – trumplulz.jpg)  


  PERMALINK –   Mr. Presidential   (2015 – MrPresidential.jpg)  

    "We" didn't know the HALF of it.
But some of us "guessed", and guessed correctly.  

  PERMALINK –   trump is American Daesh   (2015 – trumpdaesh.jpg)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito is the ISIS / ISIL / Daesh of American Politics!  

  PERMALINK –   trump is American Taliban   (2015 – trumptaliban.jpg)  

    trumPsycho-trumpito is the Taliban of American Politics!  

  PERMALINK –   Crippled Mind   (2015 – trumpamerica.jpg)  

    Crippled Body. Crippled Spirit. Crippled Soul.  

  PERMALINK –   trump Draws Nigh   (2015 – TrumpNigh.jpg)  

    Observe the Decline and Fall of the New Roman Empire.
The End Draws Very Nigh.  


  *** 2016 Imagery ***

  PERMALINK –   Klown Orgy   (2016 – klownorgy.jpg)  

    Calling it the 2016 RepCon Klown Orgy was an understatement of inordinate proportions.  

  PERMALINK –   Poor Bernie   (2016 – bernietshirt01.jpg)  

    WAY Too Old to be President. He would have made a wonderful President 20+ years ago.  

  PERMALINK –   The Clown CandIDIOCY   (2016 – trump-clown-candidiocy.jpg)  

    Presided over by an oddly-tinted (and oddly tainted) combination of psychiatric symptoms.  

  PERMALINK –   Bell-Curvy   (2016 – bellcurvy.png)  

    "Bell Curvy" People charted by science and reality.  

  PERMALINK –   Meaningful Rules   (2016 – meaningfulrulles.png)  

    Remember when the RepCons used the fallacious "Thurmond Rule" against Obama?  

  PERMALINK –   Goodbye Donald??   (2016 – goodbyedonald.jpg)  

    Remember back when "IT" was a literal impossibility??
(when we thought there was still some
minimal decency and intelligence in America)
What A Fucking JOKE!  

  PERMALINK –   President Melania?   (2016 – presidentmelaniatrump.jpg)  

    Could still happen, or might already be happening.  

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And last, but not least, a #NSFW parody from the sci-fi film, "Scanners". I think mine is better, with the little head twitch, that others don't have, afaik. The only problem is that his hands are too big. Much, much too big.


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